Taygan park is is a park of lions located in Crimea at the distance of 50 kilometers away from Simferopol. It is the first park of lions in Europe.Taygan is a home for more than 50 lions, including unique white lions. Visitors can see a life of animals living in park .


    In addition, Taygan has a zoo . There are giraffes, white lions, Himalayan bears, Australian ostriches, kangaroos, bald eagles and monkeys in this zoo . Taygan is an unique attraction which has been added to the Crimea’s sightseeing treasury. Taygan has a status of a nature reserve. The unparalleled safari complex was developed for about six years at the place of a former military base. Now IT has no an analogues either in Ukraine or in Europe. The lion park is truly worth admiration as the animals for the exposition have been collected from Zoo’s and circuses of Ukraine, Russia and the others . Also the white lions were brought here from South Africa.


    The place looks like a big zoo + safari. Animals look happy and often they just walk around you. You can even feed them with the food sold at place. The territory is vast which makes Taigan a nice place to walk around especially with kids. Worth seeing.
    The place is called Park of Lions, though actually there is quite a variety of other animals and excotic birds as well. They also have tiger, lamas, a camel, bears of several kinds, plenty of various birds, couple of girrafes and much more. The zoo is still under constructions and hopefully there will be much more, since they are adding around a dozen of more cages there.
    Many animals are really close to watch them, therefore the place is awesome for kids.

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