Tepe-Kermen lies in the south-west of Crimean peninsula . It’s a very interesting monument of the middle of the centuries . Tepe-Kermen is so called Cave town.
Tepe-Kermen is an archaeological monument of the 6th-14th centuries and one of the biggest cave settlements of Crimea. It is located south-west of Bakhchisaray. Tepe-Kermen is one of the least popular, but still one of the most beautiful cave towns in Crimea . The top of the mountain Tepe-Kermen affords a lovely view of the river valley, surrounding villages and mountains visible in the distance . Tepe-Kermen is a fortress on a flat hill . This hill has been created by the nature .Tepe-kermen is the most visited and interesting ancient city of Crimea .

Tepe-kermen from Mashino. Kachi Valley. Bakhchisaray. Crimea
Tepe-Kermen was established by the Byzantine Empire at the turn of the 6th to 7th centuries.On the north-eastern part of the plateau there is a large cave-church dating to the 8th-9th centuries. Tepe Kermen is a historical-cultural reserve near the small village of Machino . I was very happy to visit this monument of the nature and dream to be back again .
Map Cave town Bakhchisaray. Crimea

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