The tourist activity in the Crimae has a mass character in dry and hot summer period. Most of the tourists, arriving to the Crimea, goes, first of all, in the rest at the seafront. But this rest is seasonal, while mountains and the reserves are attractive and accessible the year round.
Most people take fancy to the summer Crimea. When the caressing rays of the sun make the sea waves warm, the holidays season sets in and millions of tourists rush here from all over the world. In summer, the Crimea resembles an enormous bee-hive, inside which bees, dial is, holiday-makers, are swarming, enjoying a sweet nectar — the sun, the sea, strolls and sea-side amusements.
We, the peninsula dwellers, can’t understand a tourist who is coming to «sightsee» the Crimea in summertime. Hot weather, stuffy air, vacationers swarming everywhere… An excursions conveyor running in a scorching sun, snapshots (a must — you are to report to all of your friends!). Crimean wine in the evening in a roadside cafe… Not a minute of peace- «recreation» from morning till evening.
For the Crimea the most popular of them are as follows: trekking, cycling, horse riding, diving, yachting, speleotourism, mountaineering and rock-climbing, aero tourism.

Various kinds of active rest, tourism and sport, usual for the Alps, make today global industry. Beside the eternal snow and eternal ice, the Crimea now can be rather attractive destination in Russia, providing all kinds of active mountain rest, which have been developed in the Alps and Mediterranean.
In late August the coastal Crimea empties as parents take away their children home — time to go to school. No sooner has the joyful hubbub of children’s voices disappeared — the «haut» season is officially closed. But the sun is still heating the sea, the fruits are still ripening, hospitable Crimeans are still expecting guests to come. And after a couple of days’ calm, the Crimea revives again -the «velvet» season sets off. The word combination — «velvet season» — is of a purely Crimean origin and took root more than a hundred years ago. In the imperial Russia, as soon as lots of couples with hurrying to schools children left the Crimea, wealthy metropolitan public headed for to the Black Sea coast. These people were fond of bustle-free lying on the beaches alternated with unhurried walks in the city’s waterfront promenades and adjoining neighborhoods. The distinctive feature about people of this class was their richly decorated velvet clothes — which gave name to the season itself, «velvet».
Crimean festivals, hollydays and events August 2015

August 2015 — events, festivals and holidays

31.07 — 16.08. The Republic of Kazantip in Popovka beach — new name BEFOOZ Muzeum. Evpatoria, west Crimea. Black sea. International Festival of progressive music and clubs cultur.

31.07 — 2.08
7 — 9.08
The GENOESE HELMET Fest in Sudak fortres. Historic fencing and reconstruction.

1 — 10.08. EXTREME CRIMEA 2015 — X-games in sea and on beach in Olenevka, cape Tarkhankut, NW Crimea.

8.08. Yalta city’s day. Big show on the quay.

10.08 — 10.09 X-games fest Territoria in Popovka beach. Evpatoria, west Crimea. Black sea. International Festival of music and new Extreme sport.

14 — 23.08. Internatonal fitness fest «Nordic Walking-Crimea-2015». Chernomorskoe beach resort. Black sea. NW Crimea

15.08. Neptune Day in Koktebel. Feodosia, Black sea. Nudist beach at the rock Junge. Traditional competitions naturists: body painting, dance, music, poetry, outdoor games and competitions.

16-23 August 2015 Festival «Sailing Week Sevastopol — 2015«
All days: Fair of goods and services and marine-themed festival, master classes on sailing, promotions

NEW! Flamenco Festival in Nikitsky Botanical Garden
17 — 22 August 2015 in the Nikitsky Botanical Garden, Yalta, will host an international festival of Spanish culture of flamenco.

21-23.08. KOKTEBILLY 2015. International rock and serf music fest on the beach and quay Koktebel. Feodosia. Black sea

21 — 22.08. Bike show Victory Forge 2015. International havy music and motorcycles fest. Sebastopol. Moscow motor club «Night Wolves»

28 — 30.08 The Big International music fest Koktebel Jazz Party 2015 (Festival organized since 2003!). Feodosia. Koktebel beach resort. Black sea