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The Bakhchisarai area is one of the most interesting in Crimea, with an unusually high number of geological, archeological and historical monuments. In addition there are original landscapes, with steep lines of limestone cliffs, areas of different types of forest, and rows of fruit trees. The mountain hiking here is not particularly challenging, but will […]

The wildlife reserves come in various sizes, from just a special tree, rock or a water source, right up to large areas. The total number exceeds 150, and cover 6% of the peninsular’s area. In 1923, the first wildlife park (its present-day name is the Crimean Wildlife Reserve) was founded. The hunting are of the […]

The complexity of Crimean history is reflected by its different national restaurants and the varieties of its wines. Alongside the special kinds of local wine, almost all the other types of the world (champagne, sherry, madeira, tokay, muscat) are also present. Traditions of wine making in Crimea were started by ancient Greeks. In the 6th […]

Crimea started to be settled by humans following the flood and during the glaciation of Europe. In the grottos and caves of the hills, and on the banks of the rivers, the traces of life from many generations of settlers have been found, including work tools and cult drawings. 15th — 8th cs. BC. This […]

The population of Crimea, including Sevastopol, is about 2 million. However, for Ukraine such population density is average. But in August, up to 2 million visitants stay simultaneously on the peninsula, at these periods the whole population number doubles, reaching in certain areas of the coast the density value on the most populated areas of […]

Аннотация Диссертация на соискание научной степени кандидата экономических наук по специальности 08.06.01 – экономика, организация и управление предприятиями. Таврический национальный университет им. В.И. Вернадского, Симферополь, 2006. Диссертационная работа посвящена изучению системы автомобильного туризма и деятельности предприятий автомобильного туризма как ее составных элементов. В первом разделе “Теоретические основы развития туризма в Крыму” исследована сущность и специфика […]

I visited the Autonomous Republic of Crimea during the height of their summer tourist season, from late July until mid-August. The fact that I was one of only a few Americans to visit Crimea this year (I didn’t come across any other Americans my entire time there), hopefully gives me a unique perspective, especially since […]

Sevastopol has so much to over thetourist that one trip is not enough to appreciate and understand it. It is the city of military glory (the city’s name translated from Greek means “the Majestic city”, or “the city of Glory”), a place of fishermen and shipbuilders, where despite the presence of modern technology the traditional […]

Hiking in the former Soviet Union was organised nationally by both the trade unions and the government, and its was during these times that it reached its heyday in the Crimea. There were six all Union tourist routes leading across the mountains to the sea, each with overnight rests in either mountain camp sites or […]

Yalta, Massandra, Nikita Yalta is the most famous city in Crimea, one of the most scenic and beautiful cities of the Ukraine. After receiving the status of a town in 1838, it has made a remarkable transformation from a small fishing village into a popular, fashionable, and elite health resort. The very heart of Yalta […]

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