Eski-Kermen is an ancient town of caves . Eski-Kermen is located near Bakhchisaray town, at the distance of 14 kilometers long. Eski-Kermen is an ancient fortress of the middle centures. There was a biggest principality with a Feodoro capital in Mangup. Рассказ о старинной крепости Эски-Кермен из авторской программы Людмилы Вертяевой «Ветер странствий» за 2003 год

Tepe-Kermen lies in the south-west of Crimean peninsula . It’s a very interesting monument of the middle of the centuries . Tepe-Kermen is so called Cave town. Tepe-Kermen is an archaeological monument of the 6th-14th centuries and one of the biggest cave settlements of Crimea. It is located south-west of Bakhchisaray. Tepe-Kermen is one of the […]

Hiking in the former Soviet Union was organised nationally by both the trade unions and the government, and its was during these times that it reached its heyday in the Crimea. There were six all Union tourist routes leading across the mountains to the sea, each with overnight rests in either mountain camp sites or […]

Dear colleagues. In this paper I would like to raise some questions concerning different kinds of active tourism and perspectives of their development on the Crimean peninsula. But before doing this I’d like to give some definitions. We well know that tourism is defined as all kinds of movement, which are not connected with the […]

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