Velvet season in the Crimea In late August the coastal Crimea empties as parents take their children home — time to go to school. No sooner has the joyful hubbub of children’s voices disappeared — the «haut» season is officially closed. But the sun is still heating the sea, the fruits are still ripening, hospitable […]

The tourist activity in the Crimae has a mass character in dry and hot summer period. Most of the tourists, arriving to the Crimea, goes, first of all, in the rest at the seafront. But this rest is seasonal, while mountains and the reserves are attractive and accessible the year round. Most people take fancy […]

  Republic of Kazantip. Popovka July 2014. 5.07. The Night eve of Ivan Kupala’s day, a Slavic celebration with a large bonfire near the lake in the Skalistoe village. Bakhchisarai, and in Magic valley nearby Red caves (between Simferopol and Alushta). 11.07. Fishman’s day in Kerch — the city’s most favorite and bright holiday in […]

The Autonomous Republic of Crimea (from 1954 to 1991 it was the Crimean Region) is part of the Ukraine. The administrative border in the north stretches along the Perekop Swell and the Sivash, a shallow bay of the Sea of Azov. In the north east of the peninsula there is a long sand spit, called […]

We, the peninsula dwellers, can’t understand a tourist who is coming to «sightsee» the Crimea in summertime. Hot weather, stuffy air, vacationers swarming everywhere… An excursions conveyor running in a scorching sun, snapshots (a must — you are to report to all of your friends!). Crimean wine in the evening in a roadside cafe… Not […]

  The Autonomous Republic of Crimea (from 1954 to 1991 it was the Crimean Region) is part of the Ukraine.

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